Friday, 1 June 2012

Surfs Up!

With the nice weather that’s in abundance this time of year I thought it would be nice to do a beach theme. I know black polish doesn’t exactly scream beach but I though it gave the waves a nice contrast.
For this design I used the following:
-Beauty Secrets Base Coat
-China Glaze nail polish in Smoke and Ashes (Hunger Games Collection- District 12)
-Acrylic paint in Ivory, blue and teal
-Beauty Secrets Top Coat
I love the Smoke and Ashes polish because it’s not a pure black cream, when the sun hits it, its actually got some specks of green glitter in it. I thought it was a really nice compliment to the blue and teal that were incorporated into my waves.
With a small brush paint your waves, once dry use your blue and teal paint to add little accents.
Remember to seal in your design with a good top coat, this also add lots of shine to your otherwise matte acrylic paint. You’re finished!
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