Wednesday, 19 September 2012

To Infinity & Beyond

Galaxy Nails
So it's been a while since I last posted. Here's a fun nail idea that always looks pretty!

For this design I used:
-"Beauty Secrets" Base Coat
-"Orly" nail polish in Liquid Vinyl, Charged Up, Spark, Dazzle, Shine on Crazy Diamond, Orly Platinum
-"Sally Hansen Instadry" in Pink Blink
-"Beauty Secrets" Top Coat

you will also need some toothpicks and a clean makeup sponge.

First protect your nails with a good base coat, then paint them with your black polish (2 coats).

Next rip your makeup sponge into small pieces. dip these small pieces into you different polish colors, one at a time dab them onto your nails, repeat this for all of your nails. I started with my white color then purple, blue, yellow, pink. (If you find it hard to hold the sponge use a pair of tweezers to hold them, easy to use and it won't smudge your wet polish).

Let this dry then use your toothpick to dot on some stars. Cover your design in sparkles and finish off with a protecting top coat! 

I really hope you liked this design. Now that summer is over I will be posting more to this site. Keep sending your Fall requests my way.

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