Saturday, 22 December 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland
I love holiday themed nails! :)

All you need for these nails are:

- Base coat & Top coat
- Blue polish (Finger Paints Midnight Sleigh Ride)
- White polish (Finger Paints Paper Mache)
- Red polish (Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red)
- White Acrylic paint
- Scotch tape
- Toothpick

First paint all but your ring finger blue, then paint your ring finger white (I used 2 coats).

Next, using your acrylic paint, paint the icicles. I used the left over acrylic paint to made the snow flakes with my toothpick.

Lastly use your tape to create your tree. If you fold the tape in half and cut out half a tree then open the tape and place this on your nail it will create a perfectly symmetric Christmas tree! Paint this with your favourite red polish.

What are some of your favourite Christmas things? Trees? Lights? Santa perhaps? Keep emailing me your requests/comments ( Don't forget to check out my Facebook page!

Peace, Love & Don't forget your Top Coat!


Friday, 21 December 2012

Santa's Helpers "HO HO HO"

Merry Christmas!

Update: I bought a new computer!!! My old iMac died so when I was posting (over the last 10 months) it was from my tablet which was extremely time consuming and annoying! Now that my new iMac has come you can expect to see me post more frequently! Yay!

Todays design came from a video I saw on YouTube. Its a cute festive design to get you in the holiday spirit!

All you need for this design is:

- Base Coat & Top Coat
- Red/ Light Green/ Dark Green/ White/ and Brown nail polish.
- Acrylic paint in white, red, green, yellow and black
- Toothpick or a dotting tool for the buttons

Check out the video I've linked from this very talented nail artist!
IHaveACupcake Christmas Nail Art

Hope you have a happy and joy filled holiday season!

Peace, Love & Don't forget your top coat!